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08 May 2013

Oxford Pharmascience announces successful study indicating
reduced gastric irritation for OXPzero™ ibuprofen and initiates
Safer NSAIDs programme

Oxford Pharmascience, the specialty pharmaceutical company that uses advanced pharmaceutic technologies to make medicines better, safer and easier to take, today announces that it has established animal proof of concept and is starting a programme to develop safer NSAIDs applying its proprietary OXPzero™ technology. 

There is a strong pharmacological rationale for reduced gastric irritation for NSAIDs delivered via the OXPzero™ technology and the company has demonstrated via a  pharmacological study in mice that its OXPZero Ibuprofen material significantly reduces the irritation and ulcerating damage of ibuprofen. This is an exciting development for the company's technology as this shows that OXPzero™ has a much wider application in the field of NSAIDs to produce safer NSAID drugs.

NSAIDs  are one of the most widely used classes of drugs, with more than 30 million users worldwide consuming NSAIDs each day and annual sales of $12 billion. In spite of this commercial success, chronic use of NSAIDs causes well documented gastrointestinal (GI) side effects. These side effects include ulcers and bleeding and lead to significant morbidity and mortality in many patients.

Nigel Theobald, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Pharmascience commented,

"We will now use this breakthrough in our research to begin a programme to develop a range of safer NSAIDs with much lower gastric irritation. OXPzero has already been developed for ibuprofen and will now be incorporated into high dose tablet formats of 400mg and above.

New versions of other popular NSAIDs such as diclofenac, naproxen and aspirin will also be developed.

By re-formulating existing NSAIDs which are bio-equivalent we avoid the need for expensive and lengthy new drug development to combat the gastric problem. This is at the core of all we do and further demonstration that by re-developing existing drugs to make them safer or easier to take, we can access the high value returns associated with new drugs but for a fraction of the cost and with a much quicker timescale."


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About Oxford Pharmascience Group Plc

Oxford Pharmascience Group Plc develops advanced yet practical pharmaceutical technologies to enable reformulation that adds value to off patent and soon to be off patent drugs. The Company does not manufacture or sell its own pharmaceutical products but instead seeks to license its technologies to a network of partners, mainly leading pharmaceutical companies with Rx (prescription) and OTC (Over the Counter) branded portfolios. These partners use our technologies to reposition their products helping them sustain market share and profitability by delivering improved health outcomes and/or clinical profiles via reformulated versions of the same API (active pharmaceutical ingredient).

Oxford Pharmascience Group Plc develops platform technologies that have application across multiple drug categories and can be leveraged across a broad range of reformulation problems. This business model allows us to provide solutions across the industry and fund the ongoing development of cutting edge technologies to better serve the needs of our partners. The partner companies who adopt our technology pay an up-front license fee followed by development milestone payments and then royalties on finished products sold using the technology. OXP invests the upfront licence fee to optimise product development and to ensure seamless technology transfer to the pharmaceutical partner.


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