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21 October 2013

Oxford Pharmascience formulates "Gastric Safe" Ibuprofen tablet

Oxford Pharmascience, the specialty pharmaceutical company that redevelops medicines to make them better, safer and easier to take, today announces that it has completed formulation of "Gastric Safe" 400mg Ibuprofen tablets as it proceeds towards clinical pilot testing.

Following preclinical studies earlier this year the company announced that it was starting a programme to develop safer NSAIDs applying its proprietary OXPzero™ technology and subsequently it announced the formation of a scientific advisory board to support the company in this effort. The first product the company is targeting is a high dose ibuprofen tablet for use in the treatment of patients requiring relief from symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other conditions requiring the chronic use of NSAIDs. The tablet delivers 400mg of ibuprofen via the company's OXPzero™ technology and it aims to provide significantly reduced risks of gastrointestinal (GI) side effects.

NSAIDs are one of the most widely used classes of drugs, with more than 30 million users worldwide consuming NSAIDs each day and annual sales of $12 billion. In spite of this commercial success, chronic use of NSAIDs causes well documented GI side effects. These side effects include ulcers and bleeding and lead to significant morbidity and mortality in many patients.

Marcelo Bravo, Chief Technology Officer of Oxford Pharmascience commented, "We are extremely excited about reaching this milestone as this is the first product of its kind featuring the OXPzero™ technology which has a dual mode of action to reduce adverse effects in both the stomach and small intestine. OXPzero™ reduces topical irritation while at the same time supports the GI mucosal defense and restoration processes. We are on track to take 400mg ibuprofen tablets into clinical pilot testing in early 2014".


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About Oxford Pharmascience Group Plc

Oxford Pharmascience Group Plc uses a range of proprietary technology platforms to re-develop existing medicines to make them better, safer or easier to take. The Company does not manufacture or sell its own pharmaceutical products direct to consumers but instead seeks to license its technologies and dossiers to a network of partners, mainly leading pharmaceutical companies with Rx (prescription) and OTC (Over the Counter) branded portfolios.

Oxford Pharmascience Group Plc focuses on existing medicines that are proven to be safe and effective but nevertheless still have associated issues and side effects often affecting compliance. By working with such medicines the Company is able to develop new innovative products for a fraction of the cost, in much quicker timescales and without the high risk of failure associated with developing new drugs.


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